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What AHMTPL can do for You?

AHMTPL is one of the best medical tourism services providing company located in Mumbai, India that is well approved and its services highly appreciated. Company offers lucrative and affordable tour and medical treatment facilities to overseas patients. Managerial personnel are highly qualified and experienced who knows how to facilitate the touring parties and furnish their requirements at the utmost level.

The vibe of medical tourism is soaring high in India and we are running ahead being affiliated with major corporate hospitals. We provide best-in-class medical treatment and tour facilities to our customers.

Just you have to do is to mail us your ailment and treatment history in detail. We will forward it to our affiliate doctors and suggest you the treatment process, time required, cost involved and destination you and party can visit during that trip.

Listed below are the services that we can offer:

    • Hospital selection option
    • Prior appointment with qualified and relevant doctor before arrival.
    • Immediate admission to hospital on prior notice
    • Appointment with the doctors based on your travel schedule
    • Immediate surgery date fixation
    • Pick-up at the airport in case of serious cases
    • Additional nurses and attendant if required
    • Pre-hospitalization before schedule and emergency
    • Post hospitalization arrangements on request
    • Post treatment online consultation with relevant doctors
    • Additional Services to Patient, Family Members and Attendants
    • Proper stay arrangements for family members in luxury as well as cost effective hotels
    • Arrangement of touring guide or an escort if needed
    • Luxury car booking
    • Airport transfer and warm adieu
    • Feel free to mail us your further queries through contact form.

There are plenty of reasons behind the popularity of Amazon as a medical tourism destination and few are listed below:

    • Straight forward - simple booking procedure.
    • Availability of qualified and well-trained physical practitioners,
    • Availability of qualified and caring nurses at affordable cost,
    • Low cost - a fraction of the cost of UK/USA private surgery.
    • Easy availability of linguistic experts to guide and interpret patient’s need,
    • Favorable tourist destinations and cultural richness,
    • Good customer care centers and executives,
    • Seeking excellence in healthcare.
    • No doctors’ referral necessary.
    • Specialist consultations - scans, clinical investigations & consultations at short notice.
    • Low-cost treatment facilities,
    • High speed delivery of our services.

Following is a simple ‘litmus test’ that we strictly undertake before partnering with any Hospital

    • Healthcare institution (irrespective of how famed they may be):
    • Basic track record of the institution over the last 10 years
    • Patient treatment success rate since the beginning
    • Quality, qualification, experience and expertise of doctors
    • Extent of exposure to international patients
    • Extent of availability of state of the art infrastructure
    • Quality and success rate of emergency facilities
    • Quality, educational background, and comfort levels of nursing faculty
    • Cost effectiveness evaluation of the various services when compared with all the above specifics
    • Proximity to basic travel points such as airport, railway stations, bus terminals, etc.


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