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Bariatric surgery = Weight loss + Remission of Diabetes.

Solution for remission of Type II Diabetes!!!!!!!!!!!

City docs now confident that medical procedure can cause remission of type II diabetes

MEDICAL research has concluded that bariatric surgery or obesity surgery can eliminate the need for insulin or oral hypoglycemic tablets in people with type II or adult onset diabetes. Mumbai’s doctors are steadily catching on to the trend.

“Recent studies have shown that certain intestinal hormones have an effect on our blood sugar levels and the alteration of these hormones can help diabetes. This alteration can be brought about through bariatric surgery. A method called illeal transposition causes lesser weight loss than other methods and remission of diabetes,” said by over surgeon who runs the bariatric surgery. He also added that now 10 percent of his surgeries are primarily more to cure diabetes than obesity.

About 40 million people suffer from diabetes in India out of which 85 percent suffer from type II diabetes.

A medical journal had published an article on how a surgery for ulcer disease could be a cure for adult onset diabetes. But no one took much notice of it and non-surgical treatment of the ailment surpassed the surgical method. In 1995, an American, Walter Pories, wrote in a medical journal that bariatric surgery cures diabetes. A lot of research was done on the same and this year the American Diabetes Association has accepted this surgery as a remedy for diabetes. Now people are getting more and more aware of this treatment and want to go for it as a remedy for diabetes and bring improvement in their life.

A successful case for Bariatric Surgery under the Supervision of AHMTPL

Our Patient Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim Bora before and after the surgery


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