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Homeo Herbal Therapy Products

Premium Cosmetic Products

Acnufor Cream for Acne & Blackheads
Alnura Creme Conditioning Shampoo
Alnusaf Calendula Moisturising Cream
Banuto Enriched Hair Styling Gel
Calnuheal Special Calendula Cream
Nuestal Cooling Skin Care Talc
Nufren Tooth Paste
Nuskal Scalp-care Creme Shampoo
Skinumo Rich Moisturising Lotion
Snukle Cream for Wrinkles & Scars
Zanuka Soothing Hair Oil

Premium Herbal Teas

BOWEL REGULATOR Herbal Tea (with Ginger & Senna)
COLD RELIEF Tasty Herbal Tea (with Tulsi & Vasaka)
DIGESTIVE Herbal Tea (with Pepper & Ginger)
HEADACHE RELIEF Herbal Tea (with Amla)
SUGAR BALANCE Herbal Tea (with Syzygium & Gymnema syl.)
TONIC Herbal Tea (with Grape & Amla)
WEIGHT MANAGER Herbal Tea (with Amla & Ginger)

Premium Soaps

Acnufor Skin Care Soap with Cream
Alnusaf Moisturising Soap with Cream
Calnuheal Special Calendula Soap
Skinumo Enriched Glycerine Soap

Premium Specialty Capsules

Dynulon Capsules Helps to Manage Sugar Imbalance
Femnuxo Energy Capsules for Women (with Ashwagandha & Shilajit)
Zonuxo Energy Capsules for Men (with Shilajit & Ashwagandha)


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