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Neuro Surgery
Brain And Spinal Tumors
Degenerative Disc Disease

Brain And Spinal Tumors

Tumors of the brain and spine may be malignant (cancerous) or anti neoplastic (non cancerous). No one really knows the origin of these tumors but it is known that brain tumors are more common and seem to have equal occurrence in men and women. Quality of life is diminished through neurological deficits with these tumors and they must be dealt with as soon as a definitive diagnosis is made.

The dedicated neurosurgical team at these Institutes of Neurosciences aims not only to preserve life, but to eliminate neurological deficits while decreasing pain and discomfort to the patient. About 1000 Neuro surgeries are performed every year using the most advanced equipment available including:

1. The Clinas 6000SR Linear Accebrator with X-Knife is a highly sophisticated, computer driven technology used for its precision in removing appropriately selected tumors of the brain and spine, arteriovenous malformations, and other abnormalities.

2. Frame based Stereotaxic surgery generated RF lesions (radio frequency energy) has been very successful in neurosurgical procedures like pallidotomy (stereotactic surgery in which lesions are produced in the globus pallidus for treatment of extra pyramidal diseases) and in thalamotomy (stereo tactic technique for the discrete destruction of specific groups of cells within the thalamus, done to relieve pain, to alleviate the tremor and rigidity in paralysis and in psychosurgery to relieve certain anxiety states , psychoses and obsessive-compulsive disorders).

3. Microsurgical Instrumentation using the least invasive technique to accurately excise tumors of the brain and spine has been particularly successful in lumbar discectomy (disc removal from the lower spine).



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