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Bone Densitometry

DXA (Digital X-ray Absorptiometry) Bone Densitometry is the gold standard for measuring bone mass and detecting Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a bone disorder that can be described as a generalized weakening of the skeleton due to loss of bone and calcium. A skeleton that has been weakened by bone loss is more likely to fracture, and people with osteoporosis have a high incidence of fractures. If all those people with osteoporosis could be identified and treated, a large number of fractures could be prevented.

Until the early 1990s doctors had to rely upon X-rays or bone biopsies to detect osteoporosis. By the time a patient was referred for these tests he or she had almost always had at least one fracture and lost a significant amount of bone. Today a bone densitometry scan can help identify individuals with osteoporosis as well as early osteopenia which would progress to the former if not treated. This information can help the patient and their doctor make decisions that could prevent further bone loss and future fractures.

AHMT Medical Centre possesses the world's latest and Mumbai's first Whole Body True Fan Beam DXA Bone Densitometry (Osteoporosis detection) & whole body fat and lean mass analysis (Obesity & Endocrinal disorders).

The unique fan beam system is 10 times faster than conventional Pencil Beam DXA. True fan beam system can perform a scan in 15 seconds. It provides increased precision & accuracy besides Pediatric Osteoporosis analysis and whole body fat analysis. It also provides lateral spine for Instant vertebral assessment study for precise fracture assessment.


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