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High Strength Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging works on the principle of a magnetic field and does not involve radiation of any sort.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging involves placing the patient in an external magnetic field, thereby exciting all the tiny protons in the body which is used to produce the MR image. MRI is the best imaging modality for soft tissue, muscles, nerves, spinal cord & various joints, whereas CT has more use for the bones, chest, abdomen & pelvis.

MRI offers multi planar capabilities, wherein images can be obtained in any plane at various section thicknesses.

At AHMT we do MRI of the entire body which includes MRI of the brain, MR Angio (MRA) for brain & neck vessels, as well as the body, MRI of the neck, MRI of the abdomen & pelvis, MRCP and MRI of the spine & joints.

MRI is a superior technology to CT scan. However it does not replace the latter. To do an MRI the patient is positioned in a closed tunnel (which is quite wide in our machine as compared to old generation machines). Nowadays, open MRI are also available which are more patient friendly. However, these machines are of lower strength, resulting in relatively poor quality images and take much longer time as compared to closed higher strength systems. A wise patient would decide on having a better quality scan than a little discomfort during the procedure for better management of his disease.


    • Best balanced MR system for powerful clinical performance.
    • Performs most advanced MR Angiography, Functional Imaging and Cardiac Imaging.

Patient Benefits:

    • High Degree of patient comfort.
    • Short exam times due to quick scanning


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