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Bone Densitometry
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X-rays Diagnostics Radiology
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X-rays Diagnostics Radiology

All types of X-rays are taken at AHMT.

The various procedures that we carry out at AHMT are

1. Barium studies (Barium swallow, Upper GI series, Small intestinal studies, IC studies, Barium Enemas)
2. Intravenous urographic studies, cystograms, micturating cystourethrograms, retrograde urethrograms.
3. Hysterosalpingography
4. Sinograms/ Fistulograms
5. Arthrograms
6. Sialograms
7. Dacryocystorhinograms
8. Cavernosography

Barium studies (meal, swallow, follow-through, & enema)


Using barium, an inert substance, different parts of the gastro-intestinal tract are studied


Barium swallow for the esophagus requires no preparation. Barium meal for the stomach only needs six hours fasting and abstinence from smoking. Barium enema, follow-through and enteroclysis need a more detailed abdominal preparation, which will be explained in detail when giving the appointment


Dental Care
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