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Breast Surgeries

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, or augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to enhance the size and shape of a woman's breast. This has become one of the most popular procedures performed today. Breast size can easily be increased by one or more bra cup sizes. There are many reasons why women choose to undergo breast augmentation. Some women wish to increase the size of their breasts in order to enhance their body contour. Breast augmentation can correct breasts of different size, or help women that have lost shape in their breasts as a result of age, pregnancy or nursing. There are other reasons why women choose to undergo breast augmentation. However, the individual must have realistic goals and expectations for the procedure. Be sure to discuss with your doctor your reasons for wanting to enhance the size of your breasts.

There are different types of implants used for the breast augmentation procedure; saline-filled and silicone gel-filled implants are the most common. Currently the FDA approves the use of saline-filled implants for breast augmentation, while silicone gel-filled implants are only approved for certain studies. Be sure to ask your doctor about the types of implants available for breast augmentation.

Breast Lift

Breast lift is a surgical procedure designed to raise and reshape the breasts, which results in a firmer and more uplifted appearance. Age, pregnancy, breast-feeding and other factors can cause the breasts to sag. Loss of skin elasticity, gravity and other factors can ultimately affect the shape and firmness of the breasts. During breast lift excess skin and fat are removed, then the breast is raised and lifted. It also involves repositioning of the nipples and areolas. This procedure is not permanent, and cannot permanently delay the effects that cause the breasts to sag. However, undergoing a breast lift can help a woman achieve a more youthful breast contour.

There are many reasons why women choose to undergo a breast lift. Some women have adequate size breasts, but they are not well positioned. Then there are those who lack substance or firmness in their breasts. A breast lift can even help women correct a condition where one breast is firm and well positioned, while the other is not. There are other conditions that qualify for wanting a breast lift, however, those still thinking about pregnancy should consider waiting before undergoing this procedure. Breast lift surgery can be performed alone, or in conjunction with breast augmentation to add more volume to the breast.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction involves removing excess skin and underlying breast tissue in order to reduce its size and reshapes the contour. Women wanting breast reduction have breasts that are disproportionately large and sagging. Reasons why women choose to undergo this procedure are to reduce certain medical problems associated with having excessively large breasts such as back, neck or shoulder pain. Other medical problems can include breathing difficulty, backache and other forms of physical discomfort related to having excessively large breasts. During the procedure, excess breast tissue and skin is removed. The areola may be reduced and repositioned also. What results from breast reduction surgery are breasts that are smaller, firmer and more proportional to the rest of the body.

Breast reduction can be done to help alleviate certain medical conditions, but it can also be done for aesthetic reasons. This includes balancing a difference in breast size as well as help women who are self-conscious about their appearance. Most women that undergo breast reduction surgery find that their body looks better proportioned, their othes fit better, and they experience a boost in their self-confidence.


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